How to become a member

Assofranchising Franchisor members are divided into current, perspective and honorary members. Current Franchisor members are companies or sole traders holding firms that have been franchising at least 3 active members for at least 12 months. Perspective Franchisor members include companies or sole traders willing to create and manage franchising networks, but that at the time of registration did not have 3 active members for at least 12 months.

The distinction within the association does not entail any difference in treatment, proposal of services and activities among the members. Perspective and current members have the samerights and are equally represented and distributed within the association, as laid out in the association charter.

The distinction between current and perspective members lies in the fact that the latter, which are not yet fully integrated into the franchising world, are given the time to develop their own network, through the Association's initiatives and a membership fee which is lower than that of Current Members. They will come to be integrated into the current group as soon as they reach 3 members and have been operating in the franchising world for 12 months.

All you have to do to join Assofranchising is fill in and send the Membership Application and its relative attachments. The Association's Executive Committee will meet every two months to vet requests and decide on the official admission of the new Member.

The documents required to submit the application to become a member of Assofranchising will be assessed by the members of the Executive Committee. They enable the franchisor company to become a Member of Assofranchising and to become privileged stakeholders on the market and for perspective franchisees.

Indeed, the assessment takes into consideration the suitability of the franchising contract, which must comply with the clauses of Law 129/2004 and of Assofranchising's Code of Ethics, as well as the financial stability of the company held by the applying franchisor.

After the approval from the Executive Committee, the Franchisor becomes a member of Assofranchising.

The members listed in the Register of Assofranchising Advisors and Professionals are companies, firms, banks and freelancers with solid experience in the field of franchising and who have the specific references required when submitted the membership application. As in the case for Franchisor Members, the application must be vetted by the Executive Committee.

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