This section contains data on franchising, official Italian and international franchising statistics that Assofranchising has been steadily processing for more than forty years.

Assofranchising Italy Report - Structures, Trends and Outlooks

The "Assofranchising Italy Report - Structures, Trends and Outlooks" brings together the main indicators on franchising networks operating in Italy and provides operators, researchers and institutions with the main statistics trends of the sector. The indicators processed represent the only official Italian source both on a national and international scale. This is thanks to the scientific and methodological thoroughness used to collect and process indicators.

From 2008, Assofranchising and the Permanent Observatory on Franchising of "La Sapienza" University of Rome, have started to register all Italian Franchising networks. This allowed for a comparison of the different structural indicators over a period long enough to also study future trends. This is large collection of data and information which may be used to further examine franchising in Italy.

The report brings together and processes all balance sheets belonging to almost 1,000 Italian franchisors. The collection was carried out between January and April by the Association's Studies Department and the 2015 survey results were presented to the press and to business operators during the Opening Conference of the fair Franchising&Retail Expo, held last April 28, 2016 in Bologna (Italy).



Franchising in the world

The franchising trend data listed below refer to each country part of the World Franchise Council. The information was updated during the last World Franchise Council Meeting held in Bologna in 2016 and has been provided by the same foreign franchising associations.

Assofranchising is constantly in touch with top banks to discuss franchising-oriented commercial cooperation agreements, with special reference to subsidised loans for franchisees and Assofranchising's perspective members.

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